With the advance of science and technology, beauty apparatus of miniaturization for household use are being accepted by more and more consumers.

For many people, long straight hair is very lovable. However, some people are born with dry or natural curly hair. It's easy to have long hair, but it's really difficult to get straight hair. Either go to the barber shop to straighten the hair, or get up early every day to straighten it with the hair straightener. However, if the operation is improper, it can be easy to get scalded. Due to the impact of the epidemic, lots of beauty salons and barber shops are closed, and consumers do not dare to go. But how can they do to maintain the hair style?

In response to this market demand, IDEAWIN has launched an instrumental product for women in the UK - straight hair comb. Before entering the UK market, millions of the combs have been sold around the world, and are now honored as "straighten hair black technology". With high texture and intelligent constant temperature, this hairdressing artifact can be fast heated in seconds without damaging the hair, and the invention patent has been applied on it in many countries. The straight hair comb has excellent performance, which is designed with five- gear temperature control to meet the needs of different hair quality and styling. With the hair care technology achieved by PTC heating and constant temperature, the straight hair comb will automatically protect the hair when the temperature reaches about 200 ℃, directly reducing the damage to the hair caused by excess temperature. The comb is of anti-scalding design with thermal insulation, which effectively reduces the pulling of the hair and prevents hands from getting burned. Straightening your hair takes only 5-10 minutes. Such straight hair comb has outshone similar products from product appearance to internal performance. It replaces the hair curler and hair straightener, and integrates the function of straightening and curling, thus perfectly solving a variety of hairdressing problems.

The 360g weight and 360 degree winding design makes the comb easy to carry, besides, it can be placed in a bag and used to get the hair done at any time. The more humanized design is that the straight hair comb will automatically shut down after 20 minutes of non-use. Even if you are a careless person, you don't need to worry about safety problems if you forget to unplug the power cord after use. It's really convenient and safe that it can be used anywhere, no matter you are at home, traveling or going on a business trip. Therefore, the straight hair comb is becoming more and more popular just like electric toothbrush and shavers.


IDEAWIN is a cutting-edge lifestyle Internet creative brand. Junjian Chen, the founder of IDEAWIN, graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a master’s degree in marketing. He once worked for Tencent, the world's internet giant, boasting extensive experience in product design and user experience. Given this, Chen decided to build a professional platform gathering the world’s top creative ideas to provide high-quality creative products with the concept of creating a better life. And then he founded IDEAWIN. IDEAWIN focuses on the development and production of creative products, including creative daily necessities, creative gifts, creative digital products, creative DIY and other categories. It is dedicated to bringing customers creative things in life to experience differences and surprises and discover the beauty of creativity and design. The supply chain behind IDEAWIN boasts independent R&D and production capacity and a number of patents. Now the brand has established their accounts on mainstream social media with millions of exposures. Many influencers are recommending their products on TikTok and Instagram. With strong team background, supply chains, innovation ability and digital marketing capability, the brand has attracted attention of the market and venture capital.

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